Burgundy and Lies


By Carol Strickland

Publisher : Lulu Publishing

ABOUT Carol Strickland

Carol Strickland
Carol A. Strickland is the author of two novels, Touch of Danger, from Cerridwen Press, and Burgundy and Lies, from Lulu. She is unusually obsessed with Wonder Woman and has a column, "Star-Spangled Panties," that runs on Comic Book Resources.



Sixteenth Century France: Clever Abbie Bourgogne finds herself caught in a web of deceit and switched identities on the way to a contracted marriage. It will take her far away from the home and vineyards she's desperate to return to. The fate of her very soul will lie in danger no matter what action she takes. Complicating her life further is Jean-Marc, the vagabond trickster who wants a wife for his brother. With sons from that marriage he will be free to explore the world... if he can stop himself from falling for his brother's future wife.

Historical romance is so fun, but I always enjoyed the ones with a more modern viewpoint more. They made me imagine: what if that was me back then? What if there were no lords or ladies in sight, that this was a story about real people who had to work for a living? What if they spoke like people talk instead of in flowery historic phrases where you had to turn a sentence inside-out for it to make sense, and where people never said what they meant to say? I had a lot of fun writing about Abbie and her mounting problems, as well as her wonderful guilt complex, based on how she just knew she was going to burn in Hell--or at least wait a literal eternity in Purgatory--for the decisions she had to make. Jean-Marc is as much of a goofy scoundrel as I could imagine and still have him be good potential husband material. And his brother--! Such fun to create a coffee-addicted workaholic during the Renaissance! Burgundy and Lies is available in mass market paperback, trade paperback, ebook form... even large-print form.