More Adventures Of Junior


By Randall Roberson

Publisher : Create Space

ABOUT Randall Roberson

Randall Roberson
Randall was born in Clanton, Al. and as a child, was moved from place to place across most of central Alabama by his father. As he grew older, his passion for writing also grew as he began reading anything that caught his interest. His writing began when he was seventeen years old, most o More...


 Though Junior Snobcopper is only four and a half years old doesn't mean he can't have adventures. Along with his loyal sidekick, companion and best friend Marbles, a black Dachshund, the adventures and humor never end. Julia Snobcopper, his mother, and Elvira Dunn, his Grandmother have
decided to take Junior on his first camping trip. Not knowing what to expect, but very excited about going camping, Junior hurries his mother along as they prepare for their trip. When they reach their destination at River's Bend, the fun and adventure begin as Junior and Marbles encounter strange animals, a bird which seems to talk and an unforgettable fishing trip. It is obvious with this unlikely duo that the laughter never stops.

This is the sequel to The Adventures Of Junior published by Publish America and it continues Junior's adventures and humor. Junior is a character created by Randall Roberson during a game he played with his daughter when she was young. The character became so well loved by every one of his daughter's friends and other children, making Randall decide to write the stories down and have them published.