The Adventures Of Junior


By Randall Roberson

Publisher : Publish America

ABOUT Randall Roberson

Randall Roberson
Randall was born in Clanton, Al. and as a child, was moved from place to place across most of central Alabama by his father. As he grew older, his passion for writing also grew as he began reading anything that caught his interest.┬áHis writing began when he was seventeen years old, most o More...



Junior Snobcopper is only four and one half years old, somewhat stocky built and a little tall for his age, but that doesn't stop the humor and antics when he gets his first pet. Junior's mother takes him to the pet store to choose what he would like. Junior decides he would like the black and tan dachshund shown by the store owner and then the fun begins. This unlikely duo become best friends as Junior and Marbles, his pet, set off together to accomplish adventures and humor. Junior tries to use Marbles as a horse to pull his wagon on the "Owegon Twail" but will they arrive, or become lost?
Junior's mother takes him for his first barber style hair cut, stopping by the Supermarket first, where Junior meets more excitement with an oversized shopper and and a shopping cart; but will Junior help clean up the mess? Then there's the Barber; will Junior enjoy his first "Bubber cut" or will the Barber have to hold him down?
Finally Junior's mother and "Mimaw" take him to the County Fair where Junior encounters a greased pig catching contest, a horse shoe throw, and a pie eating contest. The question remains, will the people at the Fair be upset with Junior and his family or will they adore this one of a kind little boy called Junior Snobcopper?

The character of Junior Snobcopper came to be from a game Randall created for his daughter when she was small. The character became so well loved by her friends and other children that it raised an idea for Randall; why not publish this as a book? He persisted until the manuscript was published and has since written two sequels to the original.