By Allison Knight

Publisher : Champagne Books, Inc.

ABOUT Allison Knight

Allison Knight
Allison Knight has been reading for many, many years. Even during the busy years of teaching and raising her family, Allison read, often late into the night, loving those books with happy endings.
Her love of romance gave her the incentive to try to write one of her own. She d More...



A medieval Romance about a Welsh Princess and an English baron who clash from the instant they meet.

The Long and Short of It
Ms. Knight does a superb job of bringing the characters to life. The reader is exposed to extreme love, hate, anger, grief, fear, and a multitude of other emotions as this wonderful love story unfolds.
Heartsong has the adrenaline pumping from page one. It is a smooth flowing story that kept me turning the pages. GOOD READING!

Reviewed by Camellia