A Modern Myth: Nada's Secret

General Fiction

By Jude Liebermann

Publisher : Lee Books

ABOUT Jude Liebermann

Jude Liebermann
Jude Liebermann is a self-published author of romance novels, who has recently had her erotic romances published by Cobblestone Press.



First in the A Modern Myth trilogy, Nada Berch isn't like other women. She goes about her days as a nurse, hoping to one day remember what made her different. Then when her dreams become nightmares, she meets a caring veterinarian who is determined to help her find out what she truly is.

This is the first installment of my paranormal trilogy. The stories are close to my heart, and I've just recently completed a follow up erotic romance, picking up where the trilogy ended. I love all the characters and enjoy writing about their continued adventures.