Spiritual Enlightenment in the Age of Cybersex


By Alessandrina Lerner

Publisher : createspace

ABOUT Alessandrina Lerner

alessandrina lerner
Alessandrina Lerner is the author of four books. All 3 of her Poetry books, "The Essence of Love" (Sep'09), "Spiritual Metamorphosis" (Feb'10) and "Have You Seen My Childhood" (Mar'10) are adorned with beautiful illustrations made by the author's daughter, a p More...


A Werd to the wise: if you feel the need for Spiritual Enlightenment in the Age of Cybersex, this novel might be just what you're looking for. 

If you feel somewhat disconnected in the land of light-speed messaging, and a little lost or downright entangled in this World Wide communication Web we've weaved around ourselves, then it might just be a sign of the times ... that you are finally ready to take a quantum leap and leave the confines of your conditioned mind. 

As you expand your mind, why not open your heart to Love and God too, through somewhat unconventional, I concede, but nonetheless authentic reincarnations of Shiva and Shakti?

Sure, they may think they're hip, speak the hood, and their frames of reference may be limited to Hollywood movies and Podcasts downloads , but their forthright modernity doesn't take away from their authenticity, charm, and inner wisdom too! Not unlike us, they too are lost souls who wish to merge back with the Divine. Ok, they may have become a little too caught up playing mind games and impersonating God, but they still long for the peace one finds upon reaching the blissful state of Nirvana.

Now, let's take a quick peak at the story... Shiva, hardly conscious of his Infinite Consciousness and having grown increasingly bored with epitomizing Nothingness, is willing to trade it ALL for a glimpse of experience. With his new mind set on exploring the limits of his Manly nature, he embarks on a journey towards the pleasures of the flesh, in hope that he'll find an outlet for his escalating horniness. All the while, Shakti, a frigid celibate who longs for the Nirvana one finds in merging with the Divine, is herself becoming uncontrollably infatuated with Lenny Kravitz, whom she confuses for God..... 

In this perfect "Bermuda" Love triangle, which never takes itself seriously, you might lose yourself for an instant but you'll also learn what the enigmatic mystery of REAL LOVE is all about...

Though I don’t consider myself a spiritual master in any way, I’ve always tried to share the knowledge and awareness I gained through early exposure to spirituality with all my friends and clients in hope that I might inspire others to pursue more harmonious living too. "Spiritual Enlightenment in the Age of Cybersex" is nothing but an extension of all the casual conversations and spiritual advice I’ve shared throughout the years. But let’s get back to where it all started, just two friends sharing metaphysical thoughts about life through the unlikely medium of text messages. As ironic as this may sound, Spirituality follows the same law of evolution as anything else in existence, and come to think of it, why should the modern communication media of this CyberAge be perceived as any less tangible than the virtual reality we live in anyway? Now, weeks into our “textual” relationship, I started a transcript of our “pearls of wisdom” in an effort to save them from being engulfed in the vortex of cyberspace. As I distanced myself from it, the script evolved into this urban flavored farcical satire that saw the birth of two characters eager to spread their own personal spiritual message. Far from esoteric language, mystical concepts, and other formalities, the spiritual teachings imparted in my novel are intended for a less spiritually-inclined crowd. In short, “Spiritual Enlightenment in the Age of Cybersex” plainly exposes the false belief that one must become an Ascetic in order to embrace Spirituality. In the spirit of Tantra, it invites people from all walks of life to explore a multitude of platforms through which to nourish one’s soul and ultimately find the path best suited to their personality. This novel will let you dive into higher grounds, free yourself from your antics and idiosyncrasies, and discover a world of spirituality like never before.

If you’re not quite convinced just yet that you are in the presence of a real first class Universal Spiritual Comedic Gem, here are a few select quotes from world-renowned, brain-washing, crowd-pleasing, media moguls...

The “Enlightened Partier Daily” says, “A treasure of ancient inner knowledge... for the modern ignorant!”

The “Trend-setter Dispirited New York Weekly” roars, “This a witty, funny, extravagant, denunciatory novel that bears it all, so get ready to strip BARE... NAKED!”

“Spirituality for Dummies” concedes, “We thought we’d pushed the envelope a little far this time, but a “Werd to the Wise” has definitely gone way beyond breaking all the taboos of ignorance and stupidity!  Welcome to the Club!”

And now, for my personal favorite, straight from the mouth of “The Rolling Stones”.  Mick confides, “I swapped my coffee-table Karma Sutra for Spiritual Cybersex... See, not only is it decorative and makes me look smart, it actually makes me smarter.  So, fuck my guests!  I brought it back to the bedroom, and now I can achieve tantric unions without months of bed rest or hip surgery either!”

And this is just Level 1, the foreplay of the very beginners, who seek to quench their thirst for inner knowledge and wisdom.  So, just imagine, once you’ve read this one, where you could be headed...  Now, be sure to look out for upcoming sequels ... that is of course, if you are ready and willing to go ALL THE WAY ... to 4th base!!!!