Borrowed Time

Family & Relationships

By MJ Daley-Prado

Publisher : Publish America

ABOUT MJ Daley-Prado

MJ Daley-Prado
MJ is an award winning illustrator and writer from Maryland. She has written several children's books including the Grandma What Is Cancer? and her newest release Piggie Wiggie's Great Adventure. MJ has also written her first non-fiction novella entitled Borrowed Time. MJ recently her st More...



Product Description
The relationship you have with your mother is one of the most profound relationships you will have in life. Sometimes anger, resentment and sadness from the past will harbor inside of you and carry over to other relationships. It can set the tone for how you function in this relationship and in other aspects of your life.

Borrowed Time is a true, honest, and heartfelt account of how a daughter's life changed after experiencing the death of her sister and later caring for her terminally ill mother. You can learn a lot from death. Validating one's life is what truly matters to a dying person. After reading her mom's diary this daughter was able to heal their tumultuous relationship. This is a story about communication, reconnecting, love, and healing from past relationships. Borrowed Time is a story that will inspire you.
5.0 out of 5 starsFor families near and far...don't wait until it's too late., January 4, 2010
In Borrowed Time, the latest novella from author MJ Daley-Prado, the dedication reads,
"For families near and far...don't wait until it's too late." This is poignant advice from
someone who has lost both her sister and mother to cancer in the past twelve years.

Daley-Prado describes her relationship with her mother through the teen years and into
adulthood as changing to the point that Daley-Prado questioned whether her mother
loved or even liked her. As for so many of us, only when Daley-Prado became a mother
herself did she begin to understand how difficult parenting is. Lack of communication,
remaining sadness, and resentment lingered and continued to strain mother/daughter

It wasn't until the death of her sister that Daley-Prado and her mother found a
commonality. The pair began to understand one another and became friends while
helping each other overcome the devastating grief. Shopping, lunches, and even
laughter became medicine for their shared pain.

Just as Daley-Prado and her mother began to get their lives on track, tragedy struck the
family again when her mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer. After the diagnosis,
Daley-Prado brought her mother home for whatever time was left. During those last few
weeks, mother and daughter were able to connect on a level beyond anything
previously possible. Her mother's life was validated and there was a sense of closure.

This story had a profound meaning for me, having lost my mother to cancer only five
months previous to reading Borrowed Time. Despite not being able to say goodbye or
how much I loved her, reading about Daley-Prado's fortunate blessing of reconnection
and closure helped me to understand the relationship I had with my Mother. The
message in these three dozen or so pages is clear. Life is short--take the time
necessary to mend relationship fences to find peacefulness in one's heart--before it is
too late.

Borrowed Time is a must read for anyone who has recently lost a parent or has suffered
the news of a terminally ill loved one. I also highly recommend it to those struggling
with strained familial relationships.

by William Potter for Reader's Choice Reviews