Oceanic Mind - The Deeper Meditation Training Course

Health, Mind & Body

By Tom Von Deck

Publisher : Createspace

ABOUT Tom Von Deck

Tom Von Deck
Tom Von Deck is a personal and workplace meditation and stress management trainer in Prescott, AZ, USA.



More than 60 meditation techniques and meditation warm ups plus tips and strategies for making meditation a much easier and more customized process. Ideal for beginners and advanced students of meditation, qigong and yoga. 

"I've read this book, and it is the most comprehensive and easy to understand meditative resource I've ever found.  Thanks Tom for your excellent work." 

 -Todd Schaefer, Soul Solutions Healing,

5 Star Amazon Review:
"This is a great book for readers who sincerely want to learn and apply the information. It is practical, covers many techniques, and gives much insight into the central and specific issues concerning the practice of meditation. The author's style is personal and humorous, making for a refreshing read." - Luke N. Bovee, Amazon Reviewer