THE LOST CURE: Can't Sir...Cancer!

Health, Mind & Body

By Bobby Lit

Publisher : TBA

THE LOST CURE: Can't Sir...Cancer!

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Bobby Lit
Dear Reader,"Boxing is in my blood, in my veins and it is a sport which has taught me so much in terms of grasping that sometimes all elusive work-life balance. Overall confidence, self-discipline, self-respect, mental and physical well-being and much more has been obtained through th More...



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An inspirational story that measures the true essence of Health versus 

Wealth in two completely different set of family households. A paradox 

of Rich and Poor, re-defined through various cancers.

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Bobby Lit

Creator & Author of TLC)

This novel is all about coming to the ultimate enlightenment and understanding of the comparables between HEALTH & WEALTH. What is considered to be true WEALTH & HEALTH? What makes someone genuinely healthy and wealthy, apart from the obvious barometer and measuring process that most people on the planet use to determine one’s richness and success…That’s right…THEIR BANK BALANCE, assets, material objects etc. Well I am here to tell the reader that life should be viewed with the notion that the glass is always half FULL and not half empty, no matter how bad you think your circumstances are; because there are undoubtedly others out there that are in much more compromised and challenging positions than yourself. Therefore, I have dreamt up and conceived this innovative and inspiring storyline that involves an extraordinary refreshing spotlight on various types of cancers that exist within the human race and how they affect people’s lives, whether it’s directly or indirectly. We are ALL affected by this monstrous disease/illness named cancer. Set in today’s so called modern era (the 21st Century), it magically highlights the two sets of families’ paradoxes of…one family being FINANCIALLY filthy RICH and SPIRITUALLY POOR. With the other family being of complete opposites, as they are living on a hand to mouth existence and living in day to day financial hardship, but are ironically SPIRITUALLY RICH and FINANCIALLY POOR. So we get the reader to instantly begin to understand their own personal values and beliefs about who they are and perhaps where they currently fit in the human class system and what ultimately defines a happy, contented, and wealthy/healthy existence in society terms.