For all those who HATE numbers


By Jay Chandran

Publisher : Self Published

ABOUT Jay Chandran

jay Chandran
I work as a Senior Consultant at a Consulting firm called AOM (Active Operations Management) I've trained 2102 delegates across South East Asia and has over 2500 Training Hours to his credit. I'm a Inscape certified DiSC trainer (DiSC is a behavioral profiling tool). 



Storytelling has always been the best mode of Knowledge transfer. This idea is put to action in this book. Mathematics & Statistics has always been a dreaded subject for most people. Mathematics cannot be memorized, it needs to be understood.

This book is written in a Novel format with statistics as the background. As you complete the Novel, your understanding of statistics improves. By the end, you don’t HATE the subject anymore. You want to explore it.


I've trained over 2000 delegates across South-East Asia on Business/Leadership/Quality and Operations related programs. I saw people clueless about the use of statistics in Management and Life. Most of them knew the concepts but did not worry about application. I met very few who knew the concepts well along with its application. That's when I planned to write a story like book to educate people on statistics than use the usual textbook format. Textbooks get boring if there is no interest in the subject. The story line of my book can keep the interest alive while the theme of my book can educate the reader. I saw this as a solution to eradicate widespread hatred of a beautiful subject called Math