Servant Leadership The Heart That Serves

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By Holly Spence

Publisher : Monarch Publications, LLC

ABOUT Holly Spence

Holly Spence
With a passion to know, learn and live God’s Word. My wife has been anointed by God to deliver His Word to His people.   A native of Cincinnati, Ohio, Holly is a graduate from the School of Creative and Performing Arts in which she majored in Drama, Technical Theatre Management and Vo More...



Preparing Our Hearts to Serve

Foundation to Leadership



As leadership and the Body of Christ ventures into outward focused ministries and develop inward ministerial structures to hold the impending harvest, we find a deficit in consistent faithfulness and service from pure hearts in leaders, as well as congregants.  There is a vacuum of heart-based leadership development where we examine the motives and intents of the heart in order to labor in purity with one another that all men see the love of God as a bright light shining in darkness.


True leadership is the salt of the earth and the light of the world.  A leader’s unrestrained service exemplifies the magnitude of God’s love for man. Christ gave his all for us all, in order to show us all…God’s heart.  The Light of the servanthood of Christ must be seen by all men in order to build individual lives.


We delve into the hidden places of the heart to dig out dark areas that prevent us from fully serving as Christ through the local fellowship, in the workplace, and in our families.


It is time for leaders to reexamine themselves and become strengthened their resolve to serve the Lord without restraint, and thereby give our lives fully to Kingdom purposes.


In January 2004, while on the way to San Antonio, Texas I read a book by Markus Bishop, “Financial Planning God’s Way.” As I read, I prayed that God would give me “God ideas” and witty inventions to bring increase to my household and my local church. At the last breath of my prayer God responded, “You haven’t done anything with what I’ve already given you.” Suddenly, I saw the face of one of my church elders, Prophetess Monica Keenon. I knew exactly what God was talking about as I heard her voice, “Write the book.” I sat there and began to rehearse the reasons why I couldn’t write the book. I began with the age-old excuse of ‘not having enough time’, and finished it off with ‘I don’t like to write and I don’t have a desire to do so.’ But God in His infinite wisdom, addressed each excuse one-by-one– 1) Get out of time. I operate in eternity. 2) You spit out documentation for a multibillion dollar corporation, who has made hundred of thousands of dollars alone from what I put on the inside of you! 3) Your excuses have buried the desire. Now, that was the “BIG” one. It shook me. Suddenly, the power of God immediately came over me, as I sat on that flight to San Antonio. Then, finally I heard, “The anointing will come with your obedience.”

 I read the Servant Leadership as soon as I purchase it. This book is for every believer who wants to know and practice how to serve. Also to remind us how to have a more intimate relationship with our Lord. It's a book that I consider to put in my category of my yearly reading. For instance the books I try to read at least  once a year are:


The Purpose Driven Life

Revelation of Hell

The Secret

Become a Better You and now Servant Leadership. These are my books that I put on my bookshelf and they WILL NOT COLLECT DUST.


Ms. C. Kristine Jackson



“Author Holly Spence has captured the heart of the matter for leadership aspirations in any arena. The scenarios gently pierce the heart as she discusses the hidden thoughts and motivations that we must all deal with as we endeavor to become mature and assume leadership roles, whether designated or situational. A great easy and introspective read for developing leaders or should I say servants”.



I believe the author has captured the "heart" of the matter regarding leadership. While it's a short easy read, it's a powerful tool for leaders.




To my mentor and friend,

"Like oil is to a car, my daily heart checks will help to keep me living longer, which in turn will lead me to serve even longer".  Your timely written book, Servant Leadership The Heart That Serves has given me a vision toward a serving heart. I am now looking for my Butler, my Baker, and my Pharaoh toward the progress of my success.


Pamela Snead

(A.K.A. Charlene Walden)

Author Hidden Strawberries



“You have hit the nail on the head. The leadership of the church needs to read your book. I am excited about the CD that is coming out”


A Morris

Cincinnati, Ohio

“Mrs. Spence I just finished your book, and I am going to re-read it. I saw myself within the first chapter, and numerous places throughout the book. I have always strived to stay under the radar and not draw attention to myself. I freely give to others and do not want praises or gifts in return. I now know that all of the things I do are for the wrong reason. I have been doing this because I could and I somehow was getting satisfaction from always giving more than others because I could. I have been doing the right thing for the wrong reason. I have allowed strife in my home because I resented not being recognized for all that I do. I often ask God, “Why my husband doesn't do what he is supposed to do, he has become a leech”. I have never allowed him the opportunity to do what he is supposed to do because I always fix things; somehow it is easier to just fix it than it is to discuss it or to allow God to help him grow into the man he is supposed to be. I have been stunting his growth and my own happiness. Doing the right thing for the wrong reason is worst than doing nothing at all. All my life I have felt I did not deserve to be happy, because I never was; now I believe I have never been truly happy because I did not want to be. I have been trying to fix things instead of stepping back and letting God work in my life. WOW, what a revelation. Thank you for it is I who received the greatest gift, and now comes the hard part, one of my favorite scriptures is the 10th verse of Psalms 46 “BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD. I look forward to getting this on audio and to your next book.


Columbus, Ohio


"The heart issues that you describe are right on...All servants, even those who are leaders can benefit from preparing a heart to serve."


Dr. Rodney Swope

Rod & Staff Enterprises



“We often need a goad to cause us to stop and take the time to reaffirm our commitment to Christ and service others as a outflow of that commitment. This book offers good biblical and comical anecdotes to cause us to pause in our journey, reflect and readjust our hearts.”


Elder Monica Keenon

iSucseed, LLC



Apostle Bennie Fluellen
Overflow Ministries Covenant Church


Congratulations to a beautiful servant of the Most High God. Just because of your compassion for the leaders and your desire to walk in a surrendered state to your leader, God shall see that more words of encouragement is birth through you. God is faithful to those that are faithful to Him.

                                 Jeanette Gordan