Tre Pound

General Fiction

By Jordan Belcher

Publisher : Art Official Media LLC

ABOUT Jordan Belcher

Jordan Belcher
Jordan Belcher grew up in a inner city neighborhood in Kansas City, Missouri, with his mother and father, and two older brothers. Living below the poverty level, he was forced to be creative to entertain himself. He built clubhouses, made his own toys out of paste and cardboard, directed p More...



The murder of an esteemed drug dealer has Levour "Tre Pound" King fighting for his life, not just in court, where he's facing life without parole, but in the unforgiving streets, where his enemies prefer to give him the death penalty. Tre Pound comes from a family of well-known hustlers, he's a hood star . Woman are his playthings; even a secret affair with his homeboy's little sister doesn't satisfy him. He is 21 years old and believes the city belongs to the Kings. Tre Pound has swagger and the money of a businessman, he roams throughout the ghetto untouched --- and in his pastime, he robs drug dealers. Not once has he used a mask. He wants his victims to know it was him.

Tre Pound's exploits affect his 15-year-old cousin, Camille King. Camille hates that Tre Pound runs off all her boyfriends and fears she'll always be alone. Will she ever find love? Will Tre Pound end up behind bars or gunned down?

Or will the unthinkable happen? Cross into the perilous streets of Kansas City, Missouri, and find out ......