On Earth, As in Heaven

ABOUT Ram Ramakrishnan

Ram Ramakrishnan
I was born a human;
Of the average kind, a specimen;
Childhood aspirations were aplenty,
To become a yeoman, a swordsman, a bowman;
And I dreaded perchance becoming
A conman, a doorman or a barman;
Youth had its own delusions and dreamt
Of being an More...


"On Earth, As in Heaven", is a story about three individuals of different age-groups, occupations, and situations in the social order whose common fascination for the science of astronomy shapes their emotions and activities, and binds their lives together. The story spans a myriad of human feelings and is laced with intrigue, philosophical thought, and an impassioned analysis of societal predicaments.

This book is available in its full form here and is not published in print.

Readers, however, may checkout and buy "Animalese" - a published fictional work by Ram Ramakrishnan using the buy option.
The story line is very simple. But the characterization of the players in the drama is sophisticated. Each character shows how some deficiency in him is compensated by proficiency in some other aspect. The paralytic who cannot speak but can write poems of poignancy; the child who cannot run because of polio, but who can soar to the skies in imagining the milky way. Life situations are portrayed purposefully. We can see how a man of essential kindness is unable to bring up an orphan in his own home but has to support him from outside because his wife does not share his concerns. The poems spontaneously blossom out of the prose adding colour to the narration. The exploration of outer space is intertwined with the discovery of the life within the mind of the explorer. - Justice Rangarajan (Retd), Andhra Pradesh High Court