When You Feel & Don't Know How to Say : A Book of Poems

Young Adult, Poetry, General Fiction

By Estefania Crespo

Publisher : CreateSpace

When You Feel & Don't Know How to Say : A Book of Poems

ABOUT Estefania Crespo

Estefania Crespo
Author and Poet of " When You Feel & Don't Know How to Say "now available on kindle.



A Readers Favorite 2010 award winner. "When You Feel & Don't Know How to Say" is a collection of poems encompassing feelings and emotions. Whenever you feel trapped without anywhere to escape, take a trip through your mind and make a pit stop on some paper. The world is beautiful place if you let it be, even at your darkest moments...

When You Feel & Don't Know How to Say is a personal and emotional reflection for the reader.

"A beautifully written and thought out collection of poetry from one of today's most intriguing and exciting new authors!" - Tyras Kids Public Relations

"Crespo is a talented poet. She successfully communicates her feelings through her art. In her poetry she bravely bares her soul. She paints a word picture sure to please the most discriminating reader. Do not miss this exceptional book of poetry." - Readers Favorite

“With a nod to the most profound wordsmiths of our time, Estefania Crespo has crafted a genuinely moving collection of verse in When You Feel & Don’t Know How To Say. A poetic treasure worth taking the time to explore.” – Wendy Paulson, Apex Reviews

"In one word, 'Ethereal'...Estefania's poetry translates to a feeling that`s heavenly and, or delicate." - Dennis De Rose, Moneysaver Editing

"The poems in this book aren't your traditional boring nineteenth century poems. They're fresh, modern, and new...the best parts of these poems are the pictures they create in your mind. So vivid and bright, they're something you really can't explain!" - Slud Hopkins,
Flamingnet Book Reviews

“To me, if I can experience a change in my life through reading poetry I consider it as a gift and that’s exactly what Estefania gave me.” – Irene Watson, Review the Book