A Change of Heart

ABOUT Karen Wolff

Karen Wolff


Tired of trying hard to make changes in your life just to see yourself revert back to your old habits?  How did those habits get started in the first place?  How do you stop the internal war that is always raging on the inside of you?  Find out how to make the changes you want to make and do it without the stress and torture.

As Christians we are supposed to act and think differently than other people. But for some reason it just doesn't happen. We seem to struggle with just as many issues and problems and we don't seem to know the answers any better than anyone else. At least, that's what I discovered in my own life. I wanted to change. I tried hard to change, just to see my behavior revert back to the same old habits that got me in trouble in the first place. But then I discovered some tools that God already gave me to help make the changes without so much pain and misery. And He's given them to you too. This book will be like opening a brand new gift.

"So many Christians blame every problem in their
lives on God's will. This book forces us to take a
long hard look in the mirror and recognize how our own choices, and even our negative thoughts, have made the beds we're currently lying in.

Then, Karen guides us on a personal journey to a
place of Total Surrender to God that opens us up
for His Spirit to begin changing us from the inside
out. She reminds us that when we seek first the
kingdom of God, all other things will begin to fall into place."

Ameerah Lewis, author of "Becoming God's Masterpiece".