By Francis Ray

Publisher : St. Martin's Griffin

ABOUT Francis Ray

Francis Ray
New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Francis Ray is a native Texan and lived in Dallas. INCOGNITO, her sixth title, was the first made-for-TV movie for BET. Her literary fiction series- Taggart and Falcon, the Invincible Women, Grayson Family of New Mexico, and Grayson Friends h More...



Nathalyia Fontaine's husband died four years ago and now she is the sole proprietor of his restaurant/bar, Fontaine.  She hasn't dated anyone in all those years, choosing not to open her heart or possibly reveal her dark past again.  That is, until she meets Rafael Dunlap.  Rafael is a hostage negotiator with his own issues.  Though he loves women, he vows he'll never marry.  His job is too unpredictable.  But his thinking and game plan of loving and leaving changes when he meets Nathalyia.  When the unexpected happens, Nathalyia ends things with Rafael before he can break her heart.  But when Rafael is in harms way, will Nathalyia resolve to tell him the truth before it's too late?  Or will past demons keep them apart forever?
Ray, a prolific storyteller in the mode of Nora Roberts, demonstrates a veteran’s skill for crafting fascinating, soulful characters with believable motives and mishaps. (Mar.)
Publishers Weekly, 1/25/2010