Leveled Mind Confused Heart

General Fiction, Romance

By Angelique The-Novelist

Publisher : CreateSpace

ABOUT Angelique The-Novelist

Angelique The-Novelist
I'm an administrator for local government by day and a writer 24/7. My first novel, "Leveled Mind Confused Heart", is now available for sale; additional information can be found on my website. I am currently working on my second novel, entitled " We're Family...Right?", More...


Adrienne Whitney, a small-town, country gal, ventures into a different world when she enters the realm of college. While in a rocky, long-distance relationship, she unexpectedly meets a younger yet attractive and sensual college student, who steals her attention and eventually her heart. However, unbeknownst to her, this new stranger would bring about countless moments of passion in addition to countless hours of heartache, leading her to experience several encounters with other men. Travel the path of Adrienne in "Leveled Mind Confused Heart" as it chronicles her college years where she finds herself facing the ramifications of love and lust.