Lifetimes Ago

Religion & Spirituality, Romance

By Susie Schecter

Publisher : iUniverse

ABOUT Susie Schecter

Susie Schecter
Earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from California State University Dominguez Hills in Journalism/Communications and a certificate of Hypnotherapy from the American Board of Hypnotherapy.


Based on a true story supported by documentation.

When a modern-day couple decides to discover through hypnosis if their lives were linked in the past, a passionate 1930s love story emerges.

Lifetimes Ago is a powerful story that takes place during the Great Depression in Rensselaer, Indiana. The love story is augmented by the unique twist of hypnosis and regression in the discovery of the two main charcters- John McDonald, a handsome young apprentice architect and Elsie Wilkins, an independent-minded teacher.
During John and Elsie's courtship, social mores are broken, and they are joined in a bold experience of uncommon and stunning passion. Their love affair in Rensselaer lasted for six months, but each of them felt it should have lasted a lifetime.
The book is spiritual in many aspects, so the reader is not only drawn into the story, but is educated about past life regression.

The inspiration for this book was created by a couple who experienced several meaningful coincidences in their new relationship. To uncover if they were soul mates or to discover if they ever met in another life they turned to hypnosis. The initial past life regression sessions and those that followed were more successful than either of them could have imagined. The last chapter of the book is entitled "The story behind the story" which chronicles the research and hypnosis sessions while explaining to the reader why the book was written.

Lifetimes Ago by Schecter

Reader Rating

Posted March 28, 2010 from Barnes & Noble: What a fascinating book! I loved it. It was poignant and moving. It dealt with the spiritual aspect of reincarnation along with telling a good story. The characters were true to life and it was well written. I also learned a few things about the 1930s. I would highly recommend this book. J. Owens(NY,NY)

Posted April 8, 2010 from Barnes & Noble: Lifetimes Ago: A love story inspired from past life memories (Hardcover) I read this entire book in less than a week. This was an interesting story that hooks the reader right away and keeps you interested all the way until the end. The story behind the story is fascinating. If you are someone who knows in your heart that true love never dies, this story will resonate with you.L. Lucero(Mission  Viejo, CA)     
Posted May 2, 2010 from Amazon:Lifetimes Ago: A love story inspired from past life memories (Hardcover)
This book was a good read. I could not put it down. Normally, I don't read these types of books but I was introduced to the author on a visit California this spring. The book kept my interest throughout & was a very sweet love story/research project for the author.  M. Susan Hoshall (North Bend, Oregon)