The Myth of the Broken Home

Family & Relationships

By April Gabrielle

Publisher : Put it On Paper Publishing

The Myth of the Broken Home

ABOUT April Gabrielle

April Gabrielle
April Gabrielle’ is a single mother of two, one her son a Cellular Molecular Biology major, and a teen daughter who is an exceptional student as well.  She understands by real life experience the many challenges facing single parents who are attempting with their children to cope throug More...



rom the womb to adulthood, this book offers today’s single parents strategies through real life experiences. Regardless of your social or economic status, or how you became a single parent, whether out of wedlock, divorce, the death of a spouse or a grandparent, you will learn to parent with confidence. A straightforward, witty, and practical approach to single parenting. 



The Myth of the Broken Home will provide answers to those who are raising children against all odds, those involved in the daily grind of life refusing to forsake their children. Many single parents are raising children without the physical, financial or emotional support and The Myth of the Broken Home will help them build confidence and inner strength as they encounter the various stages of development. The behaviors of our children reflect our quality of parenting. Don’t allow your children to be labeled as products of a broken home.