Musings on Minutiae


By Weston Locher

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Weston Locher
Musings on Minutiae is the hilarious new humor book by Weston Locher which collects 50 essays and anecdotes about his unbelievable childhood memories, his strained relationship with his felines, and everything in between. Click here for more information Locher is an Ohio native who e More...


Welcome to Weston Locher's Musings on Minutiae where the author offers up hilarious observations and insights on topics of great importance such as: Living in an urban apartment complex ("...if I become an admitted pet owner, then I have to pay not only a several hundred dollar deposit to the apartment complex, but I'm pretty sure that they also reserve the right to harvest some of my bodily organs..."), life with felines ("They scamper in front of my legs, causing me to fall and face plant into whatever furniture is closest. They especially like to play this game when I'm carrying piping hot coffee."), his childhood memories ("Our family was nearly torn apart on several occasions by arguments started when the refrigerator door was open for what my father deemed as `too long.'"), and much more.

Chock full of humorous essays and personal anecdotes, Musings on Minutiae will keep you laughing for as long as you have a pulse.

Musings on Minutiae collects 50 hilarious essays about Weston Locher's world - from life with frenetic felines to his unbelievable childhood memories and everything in between!

- Barry Parham,
author of Why I Hate Straws: An offbeat worldview of an offbeat world

“Life’s most mundane minutes would be delightfully entertaining with Weston Locher around.”
- Reading for Sanity Book Reviews

What Readers are Saying…

“Weston’s witty way with words, his wry humor, and his wide-ranging choice of topics all make for a memorable and hilarious read.”

“This book is hilarious! The author has a real gift for storytelling and I found myself laughing so hard, my face hurt.”

“Do yourself a favor and pick up this book, you won’t regret it!
This is observational humor at it’s finest!”

“[Locher] will simply ask you to accompany him on a meandering journey down his memory lane- which you’ll start to notice bears a striking resemblance to your own.”

“The author’s humor is so addictive I caught myself saying, ‘just one more story…’ at the end of EVERY story.”

“The author really has a way of making just about anything hilarious.”

“Set the book next to the toilet and you will find yourself spending way more time there then you planned!!! So funny, it is addictive.”

“I hope to see more books from this author, he does not disappoint!”

“This is Weston Locher`s first book and I guarantee you, it won’t be his last.
It was so great I read it in one sitting.”

“This book cures what ails you with laughter by the pagefull.
A must-read!”

“I was bothering my family with ‘read this part’ or ‘listen to this one!’
Lots of real laugh out loud moments too.”

“Sprinkled throughout are everyday accounts in which witty Weston is able to portray immense amounts of humor by skewing the angle.”

“This book was absolutely hilarious! I had a blast reading the essays and anecdotes that are Weston Locher’s life.”

“Once I started reading the book I could not put it down … I would recommend this book to anyone or everyone that needs a good laugh because that is exactly what the author provides.”

“I think one of Mr. Locher’s talents is seeing the humor in things that people notice and ponder but never take it to the next level.”

“If you’re looking for a quick, light read, that makes you smile, than this is the book for you!”