Crisp Whites

General Fiction, Humor

By Noelani Morrell

Publisher : Strategic Book Group

ABOUT Noelani Morrell

Noelani Morrell
I am an Australian author, a working wife and mum, living in Brisbane with my husband, kids, dogs and cats. I work for the local power company now, spent six years in the Navy and was once a school teacher. I love top hear a story, read a story and tell a story. I have a long train commute More...



Irish Nina and Greek Stavros are living a typical Australian love story. They have survived the fallout of their cross-cultural marriage, and have stuck together through plenty of highs and lows. Their lives now seem stable and secure. Nina is a hard worker, a faithful wife and a joyful mother... but she is also restless. She craves something... and it turns out to be adventure.

Making a radical detour from the main road of her life, and in the face of her husband’s doubts, Nina joins the Navy at thirty-three.

Crisp Whites tells the story of her initial training – the most life-changing six months imaginable. More than once, Nina feels doubt – what has she gotten herself into? All of her assumptions about herself; her life, her work and the nature of love, are turned upside down. She is challenged, exhausted and far from home, but she is tougher than she realises. Thrown together with a delightfully motley crew of men and women, Nina and the rest of New Entry Officer Course 25 must overcome enormous physical, mental and emotional hurdles... luckily there is plenty of pranking, flirting, and some ill-considered melon liqueur to lighten the load.

For years I have been telling others stories about the amazing things that happened to me in the Navy. People have laughed and cried and said to me "there's a book in that!" so I started writing down some of the tales. Gradually the collection of anecdotes gathered shape and required a lead character to pivot from... Nina Yusof and the other mad members of New Entry Officer's Course were born! I hope you enjoy Crisp Whites

Amazon reviews:

5.0 out of 5 stars Impossible to put down!, June 20, 2010
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This review is from: Crisp Whites (Paperback)
This novel is an inspiring piece of literary work, and is an amazing insight into the life of a naval recruit. The reader is treated to the life changing journey of naval recruit Nina Yusof, the story creates an enthralling world, of duty, honour, friendship, passion and intrigue. The interplay between the members of division, and the masterful way the author manages to intertwine their stories together makes this book impossible to put down. All in all I was left wanting more, what is next for Nina and her fellow div members? A sequel could not come fast enough!

5.0 out of 5 stars A must-read!, June 13, 2010
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This review is from: Crisp Whites (Paperback)
After a gentle start, "Crisp Whites" will have you in turn laughing, fearful, excited and enthralled. The authentic flavour of the Naval training setting owes much to the author's own six-year experience as a Naval officer.Noelani Morrell is a gifted story-teller and this book would make a great movie. I can't wait for her next book!