Love On The Rocks, Abuse and Power Pointers

ABOUT Barbara Hart

Barbara Hart
I'm the mother of five, and the author of┬áthree books, "The Lives of Abused and Battered Women", "Heart-Boosting Poetry" and "Love On The Rocks, Abuse And Power Pointers". My purpose in life is to give hope and inpiration to others. Because of my abusive life More...



A book written to give the reader hope no matter what their situation may look like. Filled with testimonies to be a blessing. If you want to know how it feels to be on the inside of abuse looking out read this book.

I dealt with abuse all of my life and I wanted to use my trials to be an inspiration to others. I want women to know that no matter how many years or, how long they have been in an abusive situation that there is still hope. I want them to know that they have to hold on just a little while longer. I send them kind words of sister to sister love, hope and other things that may uplift their minds and hearts.