A Walk Before Sunrise

General Fiction, Romance

By Phillip Overton

Publisher : Trafford

ABOUT Phillip Overton

Phillip Overton
Phillip Overton is the author of three novels, Last Wish of Summer, A Walk Before Sunrise and The Long Way Home. A writer with the ability to create extraordinary tales from the ashes of ordinary circumstance, his works have been compared to Nicholas Sparks and William P Young, author of t More...


Neil Phillips thought he had it all. Engaged to a gorgeous work colleague named Simone, he already has the big house, huge salary and fast sports car. With the company he works for in Australia suddenly on the verge of international success, he is ready to fill a huge position overseas in L.A. Only he arrives home early from a presentation to discover his boss in bed with his fiancee.
With everything falling apart, he flees the city and finds himself alone with his thoughts in the coastal haven of Byron Bay. Where a surprise attraction towards a beautiful waitress named Lorraine sends his life free-falling in another direction altogether. Just how soon is too soon to be moving on? What secret is her fifteen year old daughter hiding? And when he finds out will he let it stand in the way of a bold new love or will it be too late to save her daughter from a terrible fate?

Set against the exotic Australian backdrop of Bryon Bay, A Walk Before Sunrise is a beautiful, feel-good free-fall into the unknown. It serves as a reminder that when things take a turn for the worse, life is still for living, friendships will always rise to the top and falling in love may be only a heartbeat away.

A Walk Before Sunrise presents one man's account of a career obsession gone horribly wrong and the ultimate rediscovery of what really matters most in life. The story of an unexpected romance set amidst the stunning background of a truly alternative lifestyle community, is sure to both delight and captivate readers who themselves may also be dreaming of a new tomorrow. An Official Second Round Selection of the 2010 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award, an entrant in The Written Art Awards, The 2009 Reader Views Literary Awards and also a past entrant in the HarperCollins Varuna Manuscript Development Award, A Walk Before Sunrise is a splendidly told story. One that is certain to be appreciated by a growing band of readers for years to come.

I grew to really like Neil and Lorraine. The simplistic life Neil tries to establish for himself reminds all of us to slow down in our own lives. The pace of the story is good, and I found myself rooting for Neil and Lorraine. I hope Overton will continue writing so that I can discover what comes next in their chapter together (or not!). A Walk Before Sunrise is the perfect beach or long winter day's read!
Marcy Blesy for Rebecca's Reads. February 2010

A Walk Before Sunrise is a beautifully writen book. It contains some humour but its biggest asset is the way the story draws readers in by allowing them to experience the emotions the characters are feeling. I was particularly impressed with the author's ability to show that the ways in which a person chooses to overcome disappointments in life truly can make a person stronger. He offers a reminder to live one day at a time because new experiences can lead people in a completely different direction than they were originally headed.
The content and style of the story remind me somewhat of the writings of Nicholas Sparks. I hope to see more works by Phillip Overton in the near future.
Leslie Granier for Reader Views.com January 2010