Have a Pleasant Journey

General Fiction, Young Adult

By Pijush Gupta

Publisher : CinnamonTeal Print and Publishing, India

ABOUT Pijush Gupta

Pijush Gupta
Having lived in Orissa, Jharkhand and Maharashtra, Pijush Gupta is currently based in Hyderabad, India. An MBA from Xavier Institute of Management, Pijush has been in the IT industry for more than 7 years with experience ranging from consulting to product management.
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How does it feel to be abused during childhood?
How does it feel to grow up becoming angry at the world?
How does it feel to come across someone who is in even greater pain?
How does it feel to get healed in the process of healing someone else?

Abhay Dastidar gets the answers to all of the above through his journey of life.

For some, the past is full of fond memories and for the not so fortunate ones, it is a disease. Abhay's journey through Kolkata, Tatanagar and Mumbai is filled with incidents that make him grow as an individual.

Fun, emotional and touching, Abhay's story weaves trauma with hope, revenge with forgiveness, teaching two people the ultimate meaning of healing their uncomfortable past through love.

Someone told me that writing a book is similar to entering a long-term relationship with an obsessive partner. I learnt this firsthand. It took me close to 4 years to write this book. I started writing this book in 2005 and had to fight distractions like affairs, jobs and marriage (not in that order) to complete it in the latter half of 2009. Even a medium sized book like this, brings to light the help of many who have encouraged me to proceed, persevere and finish the project. I would like to acknowledge the help given by my wife, family and friends who were supportive from the beginning.