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Will faith in America survive?

Years after the financial crash of 2008, America stumbles from crisis to crisis and continues to slog through the mire of the Great Recession.

National healthcare is finally a reality, but has brought with it unintended consequences for the sick, the unwanted, and the growing ranks of the elderly. Political assassinations and bombings have become all too common in the nation's capital. Elected officials rarely leave the safety of the Green Zone that surrounds the Capitol Complex.

America's Day of Reckoning - Debt Day - when the U.S. Treasury must borrow just to make the interest payments is less than a year away. Taxes at every level of government continue to rise, further crippling the free market mechanisms of small business and private enterprise.

With the passage of the Tolerance in Religion and Media Acts (TIRMA), churches have been forced to register and submit to content monitors, surrendering their rights to assemble and speak freely. The tea-parties and talk-radio - the last voices of opposition to the ever-expanding powers of Washington D.C. - have been all but silenced from the political process.

The Spirit of America has been broken. For the first time in history, people are leaving her fair shores for better opportunities in other lands. And though the candles of many churches in America have been extinguished, tiny flames of faith flicker and begin to grow.

But on the tenth anniversary of TIRMA, a priest makes final preparations to douse those flames and cut to the heart of the nation.

This book was born in the midst of the furor over the healthcare debate and enactment in 2009-2010. Since then, the uproar subsided for a time until it was finally pushed through in March of 2010. The desire to nationalize healthcare has been the progressives'/statists' foremost ambition since the late 1890's, because once the State controls the administration of healthcare (or at least the payment of such care), they can control the behavior individuals in that nation on an unprecedented scale. And though the majority of people opposed the sweeping healthcare legislation, many in talk-radio and churches protested the legislation, along with millions of average Americans. But what will happen in America if and when those voices are silenced? In less than a matter of years, America could become a nation completely foreign to that which we, our parents, and our grandparents have known. After the churches and talk-radio are silenced, what could America look like? How will faithful American Christians worship once the churches are closed? How will the Body of Christ respond once the Federal government starts applying pressure to conform, as most other governments across the world have done?