Endeavor in Time

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Chris Hambleton
Chris Hambleton resides in Denver, Colorado where he is employed as a software developer and consultant. He has authored more than a dozen books, as well as developed several websites, software applications, and written software-related articles. His other interests include hiking, studyin More...



Five years after the Challenger disaster, NASA launched their newest space shuttle, Endeavor, in a dramatic return to space. But several moments after lift-off, Endeavor exploded over the ocean, taking the lives of all its crew members, and killing the United States' space program.

It's 2009, seventeen years after the Endeavor tragedy in 1992, and NASA has been made part of the Department of Defense. America's civilian space program has been permanently discontinued for over fifteen years.

Daniel Marks, the Chief Programmer at a research facility in New Mexico, is working on a cutting-edge electromagnetic device. While developing the controller software for the device, an accident occurs and he suddenly finds himself back in his old life in 1992.

With his unique knowledge of the future, what should he do with his new life? Should he use his knowledge simply for personal gain, or should he risk his freedom and future to stop a national disaster before it happens?

My second novel, "Endeavor in Time" is about a computer programmer who suddenly finds himself thrown back into 1992, before cell phones, the Internet, and widespread personal computers. How did we ever get anything done back then? The first draft of this book was much different, and was written early during my first year of college in 1992, in the fall after I left Cape Canaveral. Some of the main characters and scenes are the same, but everything else has been completely rewritten. The manuscript was started and finished while "The Time of Jacob's Trouble" was still going through it's editing phase, which is why both books were published about the same time. Whereas my first novel took over a year to write, this one took just over a month, mainly due to the use of writing software, better planning and organization, and by applying the principles espoused in "Self-Editing for Fiction Writers". This novel was also my first experiment with using writing software (yWriter), and I found it so helpful that when the book was finished, I went off and wrote my own book-writing software (iWriterPro). Incidentally, this also gave me a good excuse to dive headfirst into WPF, Microsoft's new framework.

Working as a Chief Programmer on an electromagnetic project, Daniel Marks has a steady life. That is, until there is an accident. The next time Daniel wakes up, he wakes up into his past in 1992. Left intact with his knowledge of his former (futuristic) life, Daniel sets out to try to change some notable events. The key event that he sets out to change is the Endeavor disaster. In this fictional story, Endeavor was the next shuttle to launch after the Challenger disaster. Regrettably it had a similar fate as Challenger.

The story touches on the question of: if you knew the future, how would you use that knowledge? To change the past or for your own personal gains? In Daniel's case, it is probably both of them. In his past futuristic life, he gains some key knowledge about the Endeavor disaster. Armed with this knowledge, he makes it his mission to change the past. Daniel also sets out, indirectly, to change his past monotonous life into something with, in his opinion, more meaning. In the process Daniel embarks on a spiritual journey. On this journey, he becomes religious, makes many friends, and finds the love of his life.

Chris Hambleton, a software developer, writes software for a living and writes books in his spare time. This is his second novel. His first novel is The Time of Jacob's Trouble.

Endeavor in Time is a well written book where the author's interests shine through. It is recommended by: Margaret Orford, Allbooks Reviews.