BURNED - Living Through the 80s and 90s as a Rock Guitarist

ABOUT Bobby DeVito

Bobby DeVito
I am a lifelong musician, guitarist, ambient music composer (stargarden), and writer. Graduate of the honors university of Florida, New College in Sarasota. Composer of the 1997 award winning ambient guitar album LVX NOVA. And a recovering substance abuser who wants to help others through  More...



This is a book that details my life story in the music business, from my humble beginnings as a young guitarist, through my touring days in the 19802 in a new wave band, to working for the major labels, getting a major label record deal, touring the world, and my eventual downfall and depression that caused me to sink into a dark world of drug and alcohol abuse. It shares my experiences in several rehab facilities, ending up partially paralyzed and in a mental ward. Various other musicians are featured in the book, as well as spiritual experiences and epiphanies in Italy and elsewhere. It's is a hero's journey taken by a guitarist from a small town with big dreams, nearly makes it to the top, falls back down again, and manages to get back up and start life anew.