Discover your Inner Strength

ABOUT Frank S. Adamo

Frank S. Adamo
A Communication Skills Specialist, international trainer/instructor, and a published author, Frank S. Adamo's mission is to take individuals from being uncomfortable when giving presentations, or otherwise speaking in public, to becoming Spotlight Presenters, where they are knowledgeable a More...



Do you know someone who is struggling  and needs the inner strength to carry them through difficult times in their lives?

Are they kept from achieving their hopes, dreams & goals, or are they feeling unimportant, insecure, and troubled? It doesn't have to be that way!


In this book, twenty-two individuals, including Brian Tracy, Ken Blanchard, and myself have contributed our stories on how to build and restore value and worth by rediscovering and maintaining our Inner Strength.


Topics Covered in the Book

Dr. Ken Blanchard
Attitude is everything. Whether you’re on the top of the mountain or the bottom of the sea, true happiness is achieved by accepting God’s promises, and by having a biblically positive frame of mind. Your attitude is everything.” Isn’t that something?

Brian Tracy
Using Strategy to Discover Your Inner Strength
You find that all successful people look into their problems for lessons they can learn and for things they can turn to their advantage. In fact, one of the best attitudes you can possibly have is to say that you know every problem that is sent to you is sent to help you. So your job is just simply look into to it and ask, “What can help me in this situation?”

Frank S. Adamo
Gain Confidence by Transcending your Fear
...fear is like being tied to a ball and chain. We can move around. We can be successful. But, it’s much tougher. Thus, fear, in my opinion, can be crippling and can restrict us from reaching our full potential. Through transcending our fear, we can find our inner strength.

Other Authors and Speakers and Titles

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Developing Personal Mastery

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Developing A Lifestyle Of Leadership

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Jim Bandrowski
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The Phoenix Challenge: Rising to Fulfillment

Paula LaRue
Discovering Strength Through Adversity

Betty LaMarr
The Head-Heart Connection

Lt. Col. Bob Weinstein 
How to Get Your Priorities Straight

Ann Ronan
Power Your Passions and Prosper

Dennis O’Grady
The TALK2ME© Communication Roadmap

John Cong Nguyen
If You Can SEE It, You Can HAVE It

Gary Lundquist
Developing Your Inner Innovator

Nina Price 
Inner Strength: A Core Assumption of Professional Competitiveness

Mary Beth Hartleb
Defining Success on Your Terms


I was approached by Insight Publishing to give an interview which would be a chapter in the book, "Discover your Inner Strength." Because this is part of what I present, I accepted.