SanshouXingYiQuan: And Commentaries on Modern Martial arts

ABOUT Randy Stroud

Randy Stroud
I am a martial artist and survivor of life. I have been through the ups and the downs, and martial arts has carried me through.I have studied northern shaolin, XingYiQuan, krav maga, bjj, Sanda, and countless other arts.Iam married, and currently living in Nashville,Tnyou can find out more More...



A compelling story about a young man who evolves as a martial artist by keeping his heart and mind opened. He goes through many trials and tribulations, while the principles of martial arts carry him through time and time again.

Also includes....

: Training tips on how to make YOUR martial art more dynamic

: Commentaries on the current state of martial arts

: Seeing the world in a more spiritual sense

: Dealing with injuries

: Nutritional tips

: Fighting strategies

: Tips for XingYi fighters

: How to "round" out your art

: Full of heart warming and humorous stories and much more!!!!!!

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My personal evolution into martial arts, self-discovery and how all things are inter-related...I learned all of this through the martial arts. Heavily inspired by Jeet Kune Do

" Wow! I have never read a book that covered so many topics and related them all towards a single minded belief. Im someone who doesn't know alot about martial arts, but I must say, it was an interesting read."-

Debby Watkins