Diary of a Womanizer

General Fiction, Romance, Young Adult

By Chris Paternoster

Publisher : CreateSpace

ABOUT Chris Paternoster

Chris Paternoster
my name is chris.

i am a guy full of many, many dreams.

hi there!

i'm not sure if this is the right spot for this, but....i am going to do it anyway. 

well...i self published my book through createspace. and well this is my shameless plug to all More...


Seth Rollings comes from a wealthy family of a mother, step-father, twin sister, and younger brother. His parents don't like his party lifestyle ever since he turned 21. This time was the final straw for Seth. Logan, the best friend, takes Seth in. Logan knows all Seth's family problems. To cheer Seth up, Logan decides to take Seth out for the night to try and help him forget about it all. That night, Seth meets Chloe who he thinks is the girl of his dreams. By her actions and things she says, he doesn't think he is good for her. Logan suggests forget about Chloe and get tons of girls. He does just that and realizes that he likes it and is actually good at it. He goes through about seven girls. His life seemed to be really good until the seventh girl happened - Logan's girlfriend. Logan kicked Seth out. Seth has nowhere to go, but back home. As much as he doesn't want to go there, he has no choice. With all his problems, his real father, Vincent, decides to come into his life. Seth finally realizes what a mess is his life is, and does everything he can to fix it. Or does he?