Don't Let Your Kids be Normal

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Gerry Fewster
Ph.D., Administrator of the Pacific North West Institute of the Integrative Body Psychotherapy and Associate Professor in the Department of Applied Psychology at the University of Calgary. Program Design and Development Consultant and contributes and promotes the Society. www.theserenityh More...



This new book from Gerry Fewster offers an in-depth developmental perspective on adult-child relationships from pre-conception onwards. In this work, Fewster blends current theory and research with his own extensive professional and personal experience to examine a unique configuration of exciting ideas and possibilities. His basic thesis is that all children have the inherent resources to create purposeful and meaningful lives but this potential can only be unlocked through their experiences with


Self-conscious adults, particularly during the early years. Contending that current parenting, teaching and professional practices are generally ineffective and repressive, he proposes a radical redefinition of the adult-child relationship. Rather than offer alternative simplistic prescriptions, the author invites readers to re-examine their existing beliefs and assumptions and create options that promote the growth and well-being of both adult and child. The underlying message is that until we find new ways to relate to one another, our future on this planet will remain precarious.


This is a book for thoughtful parents, professionals and general readers who are prepared to question conventional wisdom. Rich in theory and personal insights, the author draws upon a life-time of working with troubled children and families to make a compelling and urgent case for change.


For over twenty years, Gerry Fewster ran the largest privately operated treatment centre for troubled children and their families in Canada. He has written extensively on children’s mental health issues and is currently an associate professor in the Department of Applied Psychology at the University of Calgary.

Stop drugging our kids Author Dr Gerry Fewster PhD "Don't Let Your Kids be Normal – A Partnership for a different world" releases his new controversial book encouraging Professionals to stop drugging our children. Across North America and Europe youngsters are being tagged and labelled as 'problems' and subjected to the remedial devices of the experts and the pharmaceutical companies. The statistics are staggering. We are now at the point where even babies and toddlers are being treated for depression, disobedience, anxiety, attachment disorders, hyper-activity and an escalating list of syndromes invented to let parents off the hook. Fewsters new book "Don't Let your kids be Normal" contends that current parenting, teaching and professional practices are generally ineffective and repressive. Encouraging, or coercing children to follow in our footsteps is the worst possible option.

If every person who cared for a child read this book, the world would be a better place. In his classic and powerful way Fewster takes us inside the life of a child, our own and others, and provides invaluable insight into how to understand and be with children. His life long commitment to valuing and knowing children is evident from page to page as is his ability to mirror back his experience of the lives and moments of childhood. With knowledge accumulated over years of experience and study, wit, and incredible examples, Fewster has created a masterpiece that eliminates once and for all parenting stereotypes and the idea of adults doing something to children. Parents and helping professionals with this information at hand, an understanding of their own experience, and the will to be care givers and receivers will undoubtedly be even better after reading the book. We should use it in our classes and our homes.

Mark Krueger
Professor of Youth Work
University of Wisconsin Milwaukee