GAFF: The Wisdom of the Sea

ABOUT Lorena Peter

Lorena Peter
Lorena R. Peter, Phd, Author, Medical Intuitive and Reiki Master. I started out in the practice of psychology, and hold a Ph.D. in Psychology. Having completed two programs: Counseling Psychology and Industrial Psychology, later in life I worked in the private sector as Director of Mar More...



Gaff is a fisherman on the beach in North Carolina. He is set apart from the others by a huge pirate flag. People are attracted to him by the flag, but end up staying to talk. He listens and helps them see life differently. It is a book of wisdom with messages for everyone who reads it.

Dr. Peter is an experienced psychotherapist whose lifelong study of human behavior is evident in the wisdom in this book. Her ability to simplify complex concepts makes her writing a joy to read. She is also an accomplished storyteller whose love of the beach is evident.

Jim S (York PA, USA)
This book was a pleasant surprise to me. The author wove a rare story featuring a wise fisherman. As people pass by and converse with the fisherman (Gaff), they are surprised to find him not only friendly, but having some surprising insights to their particular personal situations.
The successful marriage of both spirituality and psychology continued to make me smile throughout the book. The flow of the book made it such an easy read, and it's easy to see a little of each of us in the various people he connects with as they stop to sit on his much used ice chest.
Looking for a pleasant, light read? Check out Gaff, and like me, I think you too will be pleasantly surprised.

Robert McBeath (La Grange, KY USA)
This wise book, by psychologist and author, Dr. Lorena Peter, skillfully weaves a rich tapestry of stories told by those walking a North Carolina beach who are drawn to and spiritually transformed by their interactions with the charismatic old fisherman, Gaff, with his psychic/spiritual connections to Mother Water. Through Gaff's patience and infinite understanding of the human heart, the deepest truths are drawn out of those who stop to sit on his cooler and tell him their stories. The life lessons learned linger long in the reader's higher mind, illuminating there the secrets of the soul. This is a beautiful little book, one worthy of a wide audience.