Waiting To Come Home...

Waiting To Come Home...

ABOUT Echelon Monroe

Echelon Monroe
I am quite young and I guess you can say quite wild. O.O
I have been writing my whole life, stories and lately I have been trying out poems which I guess is getting better as I practice more
I have a WEbook And I love writing on it ^-^
I am not going to tell anyone my person More...



Ashley Williams ( A depressed 10 year old) Has always lived a troubled life. Her abusive mum and younger brother dealing with cancer.
After her brother dies and her mother starts to get deadly, she knows that running away is now her only option.
She finds a house full of boys. 10 of them. Ages 12- 18. All in a Gang, Bloody Sins. They also had a rough life, some brothers other's friends.
 All do drugs, sell them, smoke and drink. Partying is their thing Hangover's are typical.
Will she ever find love in them? Will she become one of them? Or will she bring them closer as a "family?" 

Grow strong as a family because You never know, It can dissapear, like a tear drifting across a cheek. And fade away like the memories that were never vital in your lifetime. Peer Pressure is NOT the way to go, no matter how much it revolves around you, in your family, and close friends. Look Out For Others, they might help you pull the knives out of your back other's left behind as you did for them. :)