Da Connect

Young Adult, General Fiction

By Latoya Willis

Publisher : latoya willis

ABOUT Latoya Willis

latoya willis


Alex is the daughter of a kingpin, and has always lived the lavish life. Anything she ever wanted was basically given to her. At the age of 24 Alex has never been happier, she has a job she loves, a great family and good friends. She is living a dream.

Alex's relationship with her boyfriend Trey is at it's best, until she meet Slim. She was taken by his charm and good looks.

Slim is Trey's drug connect, he and Alex hit it off almost instantly, sending her into a twisted state of mind. As Alex struggles to stay true to her commimitments to Trey, he has problems of his on. when Trey's secrets come back to haunt , Alex is not exempt from it.

Now faced with new dilemas, Alex must take her life back and pick up the pieces, will she be able to recover what she's lost?