ABOUT Barry Fitzgerald

Barry Fitzgerald
I am from Cork, Ireland. I am a sustainability consultant whose passion is to help promote the proliferation of successful local sustainable communities. These communities will help empower the individual and will lead to more secure and happier lives for people everywhere. We can resolve  More...


This is a revolutionary book that serves as an exciting roadmap for people everywhere, offering advice on how to gain more control over their lives at both the individual level and also in their local communities. Encompassing diverse areas such as health, education, careers, economics, and spirituality, it points a clear path for individuals to gain self-empowerment, leading to more security and happiness in their lives, which will, in its own turn, lead to stronger local communities. When we decide to live our lives with truth, integrity, passion, and optimism, we are then building Cities of Gold, our version of heaven on Earth, a place we all know can exist.

The story beind my book is the story of everyday life. For so long I have felt we could live much happier, freer, more secure and more rewarding lives. I firmly believe that we can create a version of heaven on earth in our daily lives. However in our current society that is just not possible. The more we outsource our lives, then the more we will be exploited and abused by those in power. We are now working harder, commuting longer hours, paying more taxes, seeing less financial returns and security than ever before. This is because a malaise has set in with institutional society; be they governments, banks, public authorities or religions, they have decided the individual is not worth caring about anymore. The more we give these people power, then the more we will be abused and the worse our problems will become. That is the depressing bit. The highly positive alternative is that all this can change, and change quickly. If we start today to gain self empowerment in our daily lives we are improving our siutations. If we then align into healthy community within our localities we are amplifying that power. No longer will we accept any ruling/directive form the top down. We will instigate and fix problems at a local level. We will do this efficiently. We will gain security over our futures and security of resources. We will be able to face our future lives knowing that we can meet our needs. This is heaven on earth, knowing for sure that one is safe, protected and looked after for their stay on this nurturing planet. My book tells us how to achieve this.

While Building Cities of Gold is quite an entertaining read, it is so much more than that. The author Barry Fitzgerald has written a how-to book that can help readers enrich their lives, make them happier people, as well as more comfortable and self-confident in their social dealings with others. This is a must read! I highly recommend you buy your copy today!
Salvatore Buttaci, author of Flashing My Shorts