Trouble (poetry, poetry book)

ABOUT Jess C Scott

Jess C Scott
I write edgy/contemporary novels, and am an author + artist + general non-conformist ;)

My first two books (EyeLeash: A Blog Novel, and 4:Play) are multiple-genre-crossing. I enjoy including psychological and emotional elements in my work, as I believe this adds a level of depth More...



A poetry collection by author/artist/non-conformist, Jess C Scott. "Trouble" showcases Jess’s penchant for “bending the rules”—read with caution.

* Most of Trouble features in Jess's writing/illustrating portfolio, Porcelain. Trouble focuses on poetry, only.
“I abandon all ‘insistencies’ I’ve ever had regarding formal poetry.”
-- editor of The Moose & Pussy literature & art magazine

“Really complex, interesting writing...I look forward to reading more from this author.”
-- mim06290,

“...each word [Jess] writes is exactly what she wants to say and as a reader, it is very natural in terms of comprehension and flow.”
-- loafhunter13,

“You pack huge volumes of experience and information into your life. You’re impressive, I’ll say that, and edgy and interesting. And mildly scary.”
-- T.D., via e-mail, 2010