Makeup & Skin Care: A Comprehensive Guide

ABOUT Andi Bradshaw

Andi Bradshaw
 My name is Andi Bradshaw, I’m a makeup artist/
esthetician and I write instructional beauty books. Of the 28 books I’ve written, you’ll find one that suits your needs. There are full makeup books for those who want to start from the beginning and cover every aspect of facial  More...


I'm a professional makeup artist/esthetician and while home recuperating from an accident,  I wrote a book called Makeup & Skin Care: A Comprehensive Guide.  Some of the features of this book are that this 240 page, full color, full size 8½ X 11" has 538 images, 220 skin care and beauty "Tips of the Trade", and 12 chapters.  I've answered the questions "what does it do and how do I use it" of every makeup and skin care topic in the book.  There are step by step illustrated instructions, a 10 page glossary of term and ingredients      You will get and skin care knowledge that will guarantee your understanding and the step by step, technical beauty information that will promote your creativity.  There are also step by step illustrated instructions, a 10 page glossary of term and ingredients. Following the instructions in this book will help you become more confident in your makeup application.  That can only help you look and feel great.  Isn’t that just what you're looking for?


My passion has always been makeup. I’ve worked on several local (Maryland, D.C. and Northern Virginia) film and music video productions as well as national tv shows, such as 60 Minutes, America’s Most Wanted and Wall $treet Week. For most of the past 20 years, my primary 9 to 5 has been working as a regional, department store, platform makeup artist. During that time I’ve given facials, taught skin care classes or applied makeup to over 15,000 faces. Over 1,000 of those were women/girls for special occasions (models, brides and proms). Most of the women wanted the same thing, a book that could show them how to do (at home) what I was doing. I listened, remembered, and I put my skin care knowledge and makeup experience into these books in a way that a true beginner can follow and understand and the experienced will learn the latest tips, tricks and techniques used today. I've answered the requests for easy to follow, stroke by stroke, illustrated techniques, and can guarantee your satisfaction.

Thank you Andi, I have many makeup books but yours is the first that makes it easy for me to understand why and how I use my products.  Your clear discriptions and photos were so helpful.  I followed your diagrams and actually arched my own eyebrows.  When friends asked for the name of the person who did them, I knew they looked as good as I thought they did.  I feel so much more confident in the way I look and I thank you for that.  Maria Hernandez