Your Care Plan, a nurse's guide to healthy living

Health, Mind & Body

By Julia Buss

Publisher : Createspace

ABOUT Julia Buss

Julia Buss
Julia Buss is a nurse with over 20 years experience in healthcare. Her best friends are nurses, and she passionately believes in all nurses' ability and potential to change our world for the better. Julia writes health articles regularly for the



Your Care Plan is written by a nurse for nurses. It helps nurses to care for themselves as well as they care for others. Nurses are experts when it comes to human health; yet they are just as susceptible as all of us to the pressures of modern life. This book helps nurses decide to make a difference in their own lives, and to advocate for better health for everyone. Since Florence Nightingale nurses have been leaders in public health. This book is designed to assist them to be leaders against lifestyle-related preventable disease, at home, at work, and across the world.
As a retired occupational health nurse of many years (I had the responsibility of running a department that provided OH services for 6,000 staff in the NHS) I was delighted to see Julia's excellent book. It is one that is invaluable for all those working in preventative medicine within the NHS. The health promotion department throughout all hospitals in the UK and the USA, should promote this book, and encourage all healthcare workers to adopt its regime. All primary care doctors would find the book invaluable. The reduction of sugar in the diet, and a change in eating habits, could make a huge difference to all those nurses who develop health problems due to obesity. Julia makes eating sound fun, and the photography makes one want to rush out and buy delicious vegetables and fruit etc. I wish that it had been available in my department, as a guide and teaching aid, when I was in practice. Mary Sadtler.