Miles Away... Worlds Apart

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Alan Sakowitz
By profession Alan Sakowitz is an attorney and real estate developer. By chance he became an author after being the whistleblower in South Florida's largest fraud ever. His goal in writing Miles Away... Worlds Apart was not to write a history book about the over-the-top, opulent lifestyle  More...



Alan Sakowitz, a whistleblower of a Madoff-like Ponzi scheme masterminded by Scott Rothstein, fraudster extraordinaire, tells the story of his decision to turn in Rothstein regardless of the possible dangerous ramifications of such a decision. The saga of Rothstein's rise and fall which included a Warren Yacht, two Bugattis, Governor Crist, the former Versace mansion, The Eagles, and even the murder of a law partner, is the stuff that Hollywood movies are made from.

Instead of the mere accounting of such a scandal, Sakowitz uses the Rothstein scheme as a cautionary tale in stark contrast to the stories of humble, ethical individuals living within Sakowitz's neighborhood in North Miami Beach, Florida. Sakowitz's neighbors are people who have spent their lives trying to assist others, not line their pockets, and through these stories Sakowitz creates a sharp dichotomy between the greed, of a Rothstein and its mainstream culture of consumption and the charity, kindness and selflessness of a principle-oriented community. Indeed, Sakowitz speaks to the symptoms of a culture that could create a Scott Rothstein, and, though acknowledging that the easy way out is not simple to dismiss, offers remedies to the growing ills of our entitlement society. The answer, Sakowitz says, lies in thinking first of others, and how one's actions should benefit the lives of friends, not one's short-term gratifications.

In Miles Away . . . Worlds Apart, Alan Sakowitz tells the remarkable story of the biggest financial fraud in South Florida history, from the unique perspective of a whistleblower grounded in an ethical tradition. Sakowitz finds inspiration from his close-knit neighborhood to counteract the toxic environment created by the likes of Scott Rothstein, the criminal perpetrator of a massive Ponzi scheme. Using his legal and business expertise, Sakowitz brings us to the actual scene of the crime and explains what transpired in a clear, penetrating way. He peels back the veneer of this complex fraud so that the reader, whether an experienced businessperson or a layperson, can understand and appreciate its magnitude. With passion and wit, he writes with the perfect combination of sensitivity and a hard-hitting, “calling it like he sees it” attitude. Mr. Sakowitz provides solutions for each ill he uncovers, and transmits the information needed for readers to protect themselves from future frauds, dishonesty, and dead ends. In contrasting the false trappings of happiness and power of Scott Rothstein’s world with the actual strength and love experienced by people who live according to moral standards, Sakowitz provides a set of powerful tools for readers as they face their own personal forks in the road.

"Alan Sakowitz smelled a rat and kept his eyes on the rat while other investors focused on the cheese."

Kendall Coffey, Esq.
Former United States Attorney
Southern District of Florida

The Miami Herald
November 5, 2009

"... Sakowitz recognized fundamental flaws that should have been obvious to the lawyers, investors and politicians hovering around Rothstein. But they were in the same fix as the fellow in the old Woody Allen joke whose brother thought he was a chicken. He knew his brother was insane but he needed the eggs."

Fred Grimm, featured columnist
The Miami Herald

"Alan Sakowitz, a whistleblower of a Madoff-like Ponzi scheme, orchestrated by Florida attorney Scott Rothstein, juxtaposes Rothstein's disregard for others to the countless, unsung acts of  kindness of the members of his North Miami Beach community.  Sakowitz highlights the responsibility we have to be role models for our children and how that responsibility has a powerful effect on our own behavior. I could not put this book down!"

Jonathan Rosenblum
Author and featured columnist
The Jerusalem Post