Clicker training for parrots and other birds

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By Ann Castro

Publisher : AdlA Papageienhilfe gGmbH

ABOUT Ann Castro

ann Castro
Since childhood, Ann Castro has been surrounded by parrots, as well as other birds and animals. Both parents being medical doctors – her father a psychiatrist and neurologist, her mother a general practitioner who also bred budgeriars – Ann was introduced to behavioural, as well as med More...


Would you like to tame your parrots and other birds?
Would you like to teach them to step-up onto your hand, fly to you on command, readily return to their cages or finally leave electrical cords alone? 

Would you like to have meaningful interactions with your birds and to be able to build a positive relationship with them? 

Would you like to challenge and support your birds also mentally and to teach them fun tricks for their and your entertainment? 


Whether young or old, big or small: all birds and their owners can do it. 

Lern from renowned parrot behaviour consultant Ann Castro how to teach your birds useful and entertaining behaviors with ease and fun. 

The utilized training method is clicker training which relies exclusively on positive reinforcement. Therefore, you and your birds will enjoy this type of training and it will help your relationship grow.

Fun for Parakeet owners, a Must for Parrot owners! I have seen clicker training with dogs, monkeys and even rabbits. But I was skeptical that a small bird could actually be trained. I was wrong! My two budgies are completely different in personality, and clicker training works for both. Schnappi caught on very fast. She learnt to follow the target stick right away und does tricks now, like riding her own little skateboard.
My second bird Snoopy spent time outside before I got her and is afraid of her own shadow. With clicker training she started enjoying life again. She learnt fast what the “click” means and has fewer panic attacks. Soon, she’ll be ready for the target stick. Now I can actually “do something” with my birds rather than just talk to them.
The step-by-step instructions in “The Bird School” by Ann Castro are very easy to follow, and the pictures are worth “a thousand words.” To my surprise the book came with a clicker and a target stick!
But reading the book also brought back sad memories. Years ago, I had a friend who always showed up with bite marks on her arms, inflicted by her own parrot. I found the explanation in the “Bird School”: The bird was lonely and bored. The punishment for biting (screaming and yelling) was his reward, and that’s why it never stopped. I wish a book like this had been available then!
Clicker training is a fun activity for budgies and other small birds. For parrots, clicker training is even more important to socialize them and make life enjoyable for birds and owners alike.”

A Must Read for all Bird owners!! This book is a must read for all bird owners; of any kind. It is very informative and beautifully written. It will guide anyone to the clicker way of training. I suggest it for anyone with parrots. After my first session with my bird it was working great! At last, something to read, something to do for your bird/parrot that really works.”

A “Must” for every bird person!! Beautifully written and presented, Castro’s book “The bird school: Clicker training for parrots and other birds” is exactly wait I have been desiring for the avian community! She walks the reader through step by step, explaining the importance of behavior and bird individuality, all the way through to how to form a fun and trusting relationship and train our avian companions to do tricks. This is a book that I will send home with every bird that I adopt out and highly recommend to all of my customers and clients! This book should be a “must” on every bird person’s list!”

The best bird clicker-training book available. Whether you’re interested in getting into clicker training or an experienced trainer, I highly recommend this book. It explains the basics clearly and concisely, and presents many very useful behaviors with step-by-step training plans for how to teach them to your birds. Ann Castro works with a wide range of parrots, from tiny budgies and parrotlets to African greys and the largest macaws. The behaviors outlined in the book are not tricks or gimmicks (although those can be fun to teach as well); instead, Castro focuses on truly useful behaviors like stepping up and “drop it.” She also discusses how to deal with problem behaviors in a gentle and effective way.
If you’re only going to buy one book on clicker training parrots, make it this one!”

Fantastic. I’ve really enjoyed using clicker training as a means to interact with my birds. It’s simple, easy, and fun. The birds are suprisingly VERY into it. If I have both of my parrotlets out at the same time they will compete to see who can get to the clicker stick first, knowing that a treat is about to follow. I highly recomend this book and training method to any bird owner, regardless of type of bird, level of training, or age.”

A must-have text and reference for any bird owner! Great training for the owner, as well as, the pet bird. Well thought out and presented. Easy to follow, well paced approaches to basic training and a wake-up call for those of us who’s been around birds all our lives. Ann Castro breaks down birds’ psychological behaviors and shows you great ways to work with them so that you and your bird are both happy! I’ve owned pet birds for over 40 years and was amazed at the answers I got from this book. Thanks Ann, a book long over due!”