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Includes updates through September 2010: Your children are playing in an international playground with more than 400 million strangers. Over 10 million U.S. children between the ages of 13 and 17 are registered Facebook users. Just as you wouldn't leave them alone on a physical playground, you need to watch and guide them on the virtual one too.

The Facebook Guide for Parents: Tips and Strategies to Protect Your Children on the World's Largest Social Network will:

    * Give you step-by-step instructions to set up your Facebook profile
    * Lead you through the Facebook privacy settings and show you exactly how to keep your most private information from the entire internet.
    * Reveal the top things every parent needs to know about Facebook.
    * Show you how to block bullies from posting on your child's wall.
    * Reveal the dangers of NOT educating your child on appropriate posting.
    * Protect you against the hidden privacy issues related to joining groups or playing games on Facebook
    * Reveal the simple errors that could expose you to identity theft and show you how to avoid making them.
    * Share the fun, friendship and social engagement available to Facebook users who know how to enjoy themselves safely.
* Explain the new Facebook "Places" feature and how to protect privacy.

The Facebook Guide for Parents is a step-by-step guide focusing on using Facebook as another window into your children's life, friends, attitudes and online actions. Facebook is the world's largest social network. To make sure people enjoy connecting with their friends and loved ones while protecting their privacy online, just follow this simple guide.  Let the author walk you through the steps from the start of the sign up process all the way through setting up a group, uploading pictures, writing status updates, and do's and don'ts of privacy on Facebook.

Facebook is a phenomenon that cannot be ignored. And as Facebook has changed the way your teens manage their social connections, interactions and image it has also fundamentally  changed the parenting landscape. This train has left the station, and you must be on board.

 Changing social habits is not often easy, and many in our generation of “digital immigrants” find it challenging to embrace this new wave of social networking and internet-based communication. Your children are “digital natives,” seemingly born understanding this digital world. If they are so natural at it you may wonder why you need to be involved. The answer is simple: your children need your guidance.

Just as you taught your child about manners, friendship, and values, you need to guide your teen about how to behave in the digital world. Your teen has a “digital footprint,” as do you. This is something you’ll want to manage and not leave to chance. If you don’t, they may be learning the rules of the road from the road warriors themselves.


Some parents are intimidated and feel the learning curve is too high. Welcome to The Parents Guide to Facebook! Spend time as Kathryn Rose walks you through Facebook in a way that makes it easy and welcoming. You will wonder why you waited as you find a new world opening

up to you through this helpful and thorough guide.

The best way to truly understand Facebook is to use it yourself. Create your own profile, experiment with changing your status update, find your friends and relatives, and share photos within your network of friends. You are guaranteed to find some surprise connections and you’ll begin to see the value of social networking and why it is important to your teenager. For me, it was when I saw photos of my niece’s newborn son within hours of his birth that I truly appreciated power of this platform. The more you understand this tool the better guidance and support you are able to offer your teen.


Facebook is here to stay, and with The Parent’s Guide to Facebook you’ll find it easy to understand and embrace.


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