Eyes on the pryze

Eyes on the pryze

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Eyes on the Pryze by Felisha Bradshaw is a hardcore, riveting novel about twins separated from drug addicted parents and growing up in the drug game.  This book gives you an inside look at the drug game, ride-or-die chicks, hostile environments and brotherly love.

Chase and Caine Pryze are twin brothers who are taken from their parents due to drug addiction. Chase is reunited with his family but Caine is left on his own.  Chase is growing up in Bridgeport, Connecticut and Caine is running wild in the streets of New York City.  Each brother thinks the other is living a good life, until they come face-to-face and find out they are rivals in the drug game.

When Chase loses his girlfriend, Phoenix, to his estranged brother, Caine, he thinks his world has come to an end.  But little does he know that it is just the beginning of his problems when his right-hand man runs off with the drop off money, and his drug connection is missing; Chases well runs dry.

Can Chase come out of this battle alive?  Will he reconcile with his long lost brother?  Which brother will Phoenix choose?  This is a fast-paced drama that will have you craving for more, I recommend this book to readers of all genres who enjoy a good story.