Effective Treatments and Solutions for the Autistic Population

Effective Treatments and Solutions for the Autistic Population

ABOUT Angela Williamson

Angela Williamson
Angela Williamson's first book Effective is coming out this fall. This book will beĀ  available on her website, Amazon.com, and barnesandnobles.com. Her book will provide you with some answers and solutions on how to treat autism successfully at any age. Buy this book to be empowered!



This book will introduce you to various treatments that are effective among the population with autism. It will give you some answers that the medical community does not know or won't utilize. My book will help you with the following.
* What are the causes of autism and why is it becoming prevalent in our society.
* Understand why the gluten- free/ casein- free diet is just not enough to treat autism.
* Learn how to utilize alternative healing methods to treat illnesses among people with autism that contribute to their challenging behaviors.
* Find unconventional treatments that address undetected problems, like Candida albicans, mercury poisoning, dysfunction of bodily organs, nutritional deficiencies, sensory issues, vision problems, etc.
* Discover why it is necessary to have a nonjudgmental, loving, and accepting attitude in teaching individuals with autism.
* Learn the importance of creating an empowering educational plan with teachers or parents.
*Utilize vitamin therapy or whole food sources to treat underlying biological problems among the population with autism.
* Dispel the myth that adults with autism cannot learn.
* Most importantly, learn how to help children or adults with autism reach their full potential, and not just accept the prognosis of autism as the end result from the medical community.