General Fiction

By Dr McGinnis

Publisher : Createspace


ABOUT Dr McGinnis

Dr McGinnis
Retired school teacher who loves to write for my students.



Sid had a choice. He could marry a fourteen year old Mayan or let her die as a sacrifice to the fertility god of Mayan women. The fourteen year old girl was nice, she was sweet and she was very pretty, but oh so young. Her name was Si. He knew he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He was in a real tough spot trapped between two dimensions about five-hundred years apart. Socially he would have to comply with the cultural requirement of marriage, but then later as the tribal women began watching her belly, he found out that if she didn’t show a child within two years she would still be sacrificed and he would have to marry another. Morally and ethically, he did not intend to make anyone that young his wife. Sounds complicated? It’s not; he works it out with the best results for everyone, even himself. How do they have a baby when they really need one without Sid breaking his own cultural code of ethics?


The next time you buy a book in any media form, consider the content and purpose of that book. Thank the efforts of the author who had you in mind when producing it. An author doesn’t write a book on dairy farming if the intended audience is for aircraft maintenance or social networking. The primary goal of most authors is to pass on a certain kind of information to certain others. I write entertaining fiction, which is more entertaining to some than others. Readers and writers harmonize to connect to benefit from mutually rewarding experiences.


A young man uses a very rare skill to move back in time to follow the footsteps of his grandfather. He actually finds some of his own heretofore unknown ancestors and manages to bring two young ladies back to his time.