Spawn of The Devil

Family & Relationships

By Dawn Raven

Publisher : Boudoir Press

ABOUT Dawn Raven

Dawn Raven



Rejected by her Mother, a young girl who has known only the loneliness of living in the shadows, is nonetheless devastated and stunned by the news of her Mother's death. During the dark and painful days which follow she is helped by someone who has become the most important person in her world and who has shown her a gentleness and love she heretofore hadn't known existed. He is her Saviour...Her Master.

Finding solace in speaking to Him on the 'phone, Spawn of the Devil is the record of a conversation in which she drags out her deepest darkest memories, together with her gratitude to, and adoration of, this Man to whom she now belongs.

Proud to be referred to as "My slave", she tells of the way in which He has helped her to cope with her pain. She recalls how she embarked upon a cathartic journey with Him and, in her complete and utter subservience to Him, finally found herself and her true role in life.  Revelling in acceding to His every demand she has found security, and with all fears now dispelled, true happiness is at last hers...

" making my heart swell and joy fill my soul as we try to remake a shattered life from the ashes of the Spawn of the Devil and step out into the world feeling free."