Glory and Empire

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Brian Jeffreys

Publisher : GrandMobius Press

ABOUT Brian Jeffreys

Brian Jeffreys
Brian Jeffreys was raised in Yukon, Oklahoma, the oldest of two children (before the country western star went and made it his home).  He attended several universities pursuing technical degrees from engineering to astrophysics, finally graduating from Dallas Baptist University with a BS. More...



After fighting her way inside the rift once more, she finds her ship surrounded by a new Terran enemy.  Captured and seperated from her command team, Captain Traci Ganner finds herself running for her life only to be rescued by an unlikely tribe of primative warriors.  But these warriors, and their sacred temple, hold the secret that Traci desparately needs to unravel the mystery and rescue the crew of the ship she had thought abandoned six years before.

It took me two years to get back to the conclusion of the Traci Ganner series. In the meantime, I completed a fourth novel and got bogged down in the world of high publishing. Finally, I decided it was more important to get good books out to readers than to wait for the right publishing deal to come along. So, I decided to just publish first and ask questions later. I hope you enjoy, Glory and Empire.