Get Dicey: Play Craps and Have Fun

Sports & Recreation, Reference, Puzzles & Games

By Tracy Falbe

Publisher : Falbe Publishing

ABOUT Tracy Falbe

Tracy Falbe
I've never accepted that fantasy fiction was just for kids. Adults have more reason to escape the pressures of the world and imagine solving a few problems with a sword and maybe even winning a vast kingdom, great treasure, and the friendship of the most powerful being in the world.


A comprehensive guide to the game of casino craps written by a Las Vegas craps dealer. Every bet on the table is explained and popular game strategies are described in detail. Craps is much more fun to play when you know what you are doing...and which bets to avoid. Some bets are definitely worse to play than others.

I worked for two years in casino hotels in Las Vegas exclusively as a craps dealer. I have thousands of hours of live game experience. People have always asked me how to play craps, so I wrote Get Dicey. It explains in easy to understand step-by-step details how to play any bet on the table.

Get Dicey was featured in Midwest Gaming & Travel magazine in the summer of 2005.