Shiny Green Shoes

Christian Books, General Fiction, Humor

By Dana Taylor

Publisher : Supernal Friends Publishing

ABOUT Dana Taylor

Dana Taylor
Dana Taylor writes uplifting stories filled with inspiration and humor. Born and raised in California, she graduated from the University of Redlands. She has been published in various magazines, including the Ladies Home Journal. She hosted the Internet radio program Definitely Dana! at He More...


A heart-warming holiday short story for only 99 cents. Life was hard  in 1935 on old Route 66, but one black child dreams of  someday owning shiny Shirley Temple shoes. Her unlikely friendship with an aged white actress brings hope to a town down on its luck.  Dreams do come true! 

I wanted to write a holiday story without the tired themes of ghosts of Christmases past. The image of the shiny green shoes came into my mind and Mazie's "voice" just took over. It was a joy to see it unfold on the page.

Posted at by "Tiffany Turner of San Jose, CA"

I enjoyed reading this short story by Dana Taylor. I've just recently purchased a Kindle, and discovered her story listed in a Kindle thread on Taking a chance on a newer author, I was drawn back into Depression Era America.

An actress, Mazie McDonald, finds herself reflecting on how as a child, she befriends the spinster-like Aunt Peach. Mazie quickly becomes the confident and salvation for her, and their friendship draws Aunt Peach out of her self-imposed imprisonment within her home. On the whim of following her dream, Mazie finds that the path to having the green shoes she's been dreaming about isn't always easy for a young, colored girl of the 1930s. But with determination and Aunt Peach's help, they both learn that sometimes instilling hope in others makes everyone's dreams come true.

I would recommend this short story for anyone who would like a good holiday story to enjoy while traveling or simply spending quiet time with the family.