The Choice Not Taken

ABOUT Jodi Lapalm

jodi lapalm
Wife. Mother. Cancer Survivor. Martini Enthusiast. Somewhere amid the craze of volunteering, school events, sports activities, household duties, and social networking, JODI LAPALM finds time to write. Her stories often explore psychological turmoil within her characters and highlight conte More...



Hovering between dreamy romance and cruel reality, THE CHOICE NOT TAKEN is a contemporary tale of shattered dreams and second chances. It entwines past and present to reveal how challenges and choices not only alter who we are...but who we become. At a little over 200 pages, it's a quick (but not easy) read-perfect for overwhelmed moms, corporate commuters, and beach bums. BOOK DESCRIPTION: What if the wrong choice was the only choice you had for survival? It took years of psychological upset for Courtney to overcome a personal tragedy, but she has finally found relative peace as wife to a loving husband and mother of two great children. However, when she stumbles upon news that a man with whom she once had an affair has died, her world is quickly turned upside-down. As painful and tainted memories force her to acknowledge a long-forgotten past, the debilitating pressure soon threatens every aspect of her life. Can she find her way back to the happiness she worked so hard to achieve? Or will it become too much for her to bear?