A Book Inside, How to Write, Publish, and Sell Your Story

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Carol Denbow
Carol Denbow is the founder of Plain & Simple Books Publishing as well as authoring six non-fiction books since 2006. She has been interviewed online, in print, radio, and television. Some of her books include Are You Ready to Be Your Own Boss?, A Book Inside, How to Write, Publish, an More...


Whether you’ve already written your book or have a book inside, putting it all together can seem like a challenge unknown to most. As intimidating as it may appear, writing, publishing, and selling your story are a process most easily taken one step at a time.


With this easy to read and comprehend book, Carol Denbow walks you through the process and shows you how to:


  • Focus on completing your manuscript.

  • Compile your pages into book form.

  • Chose the right publishing option and locate the source.

  • Sell your book to traditional and unique markets.

  • Promote your book for free!


A Book Inside follows a proven step-by-step process to achieve true authorship and success with publishing and book sales. In addition, readers benefit by gaining access to the most valuable author resources offered, including free updates when available.


“Never was a journalist, editor, or writer in any form, and only once in my lifetime did I read an entire book cover-to-cover (and that was only 100 pages). Absolutely despised essay assignments in my English classes; that’s right, no interest at all! So why in 2002 did I decide to write a book, good question! In 1986 I went into business for myself and left the rest of those poor nine-to-five working saps behind. As it turned out, in my glamorous new position as “the boss,” nine-to-five became only a dream I had once lived and that weak minimum wage job I had left paid the bills more steadily than my new found “riches.” In addition to spending the following 15 years in a continual struggle for financial freedom and status, stress took its toll and I became ill. Financial creativity played a strong roll in my ability to retire at the age of 42. All said and done, I walked away happy and healthy once again. Along my self-employment journey I would constantly wonder why wasn’t the truth of self-employment apparent to me before I jumped in to this venture? So I did the unimaginable; I read some business books. I found that virtually none of the business start-up books I read told the truth. Oh, they educated the reader on the “business” aspect of being self-employed, but none spoke of the real truths; family stress, bad locations, employees, bank loans, partnerships, etc. Seeing the need for those “poor working saps” to know these truths became my inspiration for writing my first book, Are You Ready to Be Your Own Boss? That was the beginning; I was hooked. Next came my stress relief book for the ones who were already in business. Then of course after writing and publishing two books, I had to write the next one on writing and publishing. Writing can be addictive and frustrating as well as healthy and fulfilling. The good, the bad, and the book that can’t find a publisher, it’s all there when you’re an author. But seeing your book in print and knowing that someone somewhere has paid money to read what you have to say, gives you a real sense of accomplishment and a warm and fuzzy feeling unlike any other. Still not thrilled reading books, but I find it to be my loss that I never pursued writing before this point in my life, but a treasured gain for me now. I am a retired business owner, mom of two awesome kids, and the author or co-author of six non-fiction books. I share my writing and publishing experience with forthcoming authors through my blog at, http://ABookInside.blogspot.com. Visit my primary websites at http://www.BooksByDenbow.Weebly.com and http://www.authorsbox.com”

“It seems that every season there are more and more 'how to' books being published for aspiring writers yearning to be published. One of the latest is also one of the best. "A Book Inside: How To Write, Publish, And Sell Your Story" is a succinct 104-page compendium packed from cover to cover with practical, real-world information, strategies and techniques dealing with the necessity for completing a saleable manuscript, compiling its pages into book form, identifying and selecting an appropriate publishing option, selling the book in traditional and non-traditional markets, and publicizing, promoting, and marketing the book without significant capital expense. Carol Denbow writes with a particular, experienced-based expertise as the author of three books and the editor of nine websites including 'A Book Inside' online. Especially appropriate for, and recommended to, the novice author needing to master the 'learning curve' for become a successfully published author in today's highly competitive marketplace, "A Book Inside" is a welcome and highly recommended addition to personal and professional Writing/Publishing reference shelves.”

--Midwest Book Review,
Oregon, WI USA

“I consider myself to be fairly involved in the publishing world. I’m a writer, publisher, and book marketing expert. I make my living by either being published, or through publishing myself. As a result, I have a really good grasp on the ins and outs of the publishing world. One of the more frequent questions asked from writers or those interested in becoming an author is how to get published. What is involved? How does the publishing process work? Are agents involved, or does one go the route of self-publishing these days?

The questions are many, and there is no one
way to answer them all. It really depends on what you – the author or writer – is looking for and expecting to get out of the publishing process that will dictate the answers to these questions. Therefore, I was quite thrilled when I got a copy of Carol Denbow’s book, A Book Inside, How to Write, Publish, and Sell Your Storyin the mail for review. Could this book help answer all of the questions I get on a regular basis. It would be much easier, and more beneficial for everyone involved, if I could point them in the direction of a really honest, comprehensive, and useful resource. Although not perfect, I’m glad to say that Carol’s book is one of the best I’ve seen on introducing the writer to the publishing process.

Composed of eight solid chapters, A Book Insidestarts at the beginning and walks you through the entire process. Beginning with writing your story, the book covers the basics of book writing – from copyright law to research, cover art, and professional editing – and delves into the differences between self-publishing and traditional publishing. Although these sections are well done, and important for any writer or book author to understand, what I really liked about A Book Insideis that two other chapters were also included: Book Promotion and Selling Your Book.

Often overlooked by most writers and authors, the process of actually getting your book into the hands of readers is almost more important then the actual writing of the book was. If no one is reading your book, what was the point of writing it? Carol offers up a series of sage advice on getting your book into the hands of readers, publicists, bookstores, libraries, and online outlets. Finally, A Book Insidealso includes a ton of resources for successfully navigating the writing and publishing process.

Although not exhaustive, A Book Insideis a good place to start for those who are interested in becoming authors. Alternatively, if you are simply looking for a comprehensive book on how to publish your family history or memoirs, or to self-publish your own story, A Book Insidetakes you through each step. Either way, along with Dan Poynter's Self-Publishing Manual, 16th Edition: How to Write, Print and Sell Your Own Book (Self Publishing Manual),Aaron Shepard's Aiming at Amazon: The NEW Business of Self Publishing, or How to Publish Your Books with Print on Demand and Online Book Marketing on Amazon.com, and the annual Writer's Market,Carol’s book should be on most writers and authors shelves. I’ve been in the publishing business for over a decade – as both an author and a publisher – and I’m keeping my copy of A Book Insideon my shelf for easy reference. You should too.

Peter N. Jones, Ph.D.
Director: Bauu Institute and Press http://www.bauuinstitute.com
Publisher: Great New Books Reviewed http://newgreatbooks.blogspot.com
Editor: Indigenous Issues Today http://indigenousissuestoday.blogspot.com
Editor: Indigenous People's Issues & Resources


“Imagine your enhanced credibility for just writing what you know. Carol Denbow’s book is your advisor, guide and plan.”

--Dan Poynter,
The Self-Publishing Manual,


“If you're even thinking about writing a book, you need to read this book first. It's well-organized, informative, easy-to-follow and includes handy end-of-chapter checklists to keep you on track.”

--Patricia Fry,
Author of 28 books--eleven of them on publishing.



"There's nothing more difficult and nothing more rewarding than writing a book. In this fact-packed tutorial, Carol Denbow takes writers by the hand and leads them on that long journey to print. Any writer setting out on that journey would do well to take A Book Inside along with their laptop.”

Clifford Thurlow, 

Author of Making Short Films: The complete Guide from Script to Screen.


A Book Inside should be every writer’s first stop in the publishing process. This helpful book guides writers through the book publishing business from idea to publication to marketing and beyond!”

Rochelle Melander, 

Author, Writing Coach, and founder of Dream Keepers, a writing program for teens.